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The KindleBookReview Solution

As many indie authors know, getting people to read and review your books is no easy task. There are reviewers out there, but their reading lists are so large that it often takes months to look at your book. And after the long wait, there is no guarantee that they will publish a review. The result is a lot of anxiety and disappointment.

An alternative is to pay to get your book reviewed by organizations such as Kirkus - but at a big price ($400-$800 is not unusual). Even then, it does not get you the volume of reviews on Amazon you seek to influence sales.

That's why we created KindleBookReview, a site that allows you to get the reviews you need at a very afforable price. Our services ensure your book goes straight to the top of the review pile guaranteeing at least 5 reviews on the Amazon website.

By establishing a professional group of reviewers, and a growing network of authors willing to review each others books, we have created the ideal environment to deliver what you want: lots of reviews at low prices.

kindlebookreview_free   Free ReviewSubmit your book for a free review. In return, but with no obligation, receive a free book from a fellow author and write a review.
kindlebookreview2   FastTrackGet not one but 5 reviews for your book. Your book is delivered to a team of reviewers who will start publishing within 7 days.

FastTrack Pro We buy and review your book. This will really have an impact on sales and your Amazon Ranking.

Alternatively, if you just like to review books and would like to get them for free, then take a look at the many advantages you can gain with our Reviewer Program.

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